Anthony Landek


Boom in a (Paper) Box

The ‘Boom in a (Paper) Box’ is an ode to the rich history of the beautiful old school boombox. Boxes full of intricate circuits, coated with a plethora of knobs and switches, and a plentiful amount of pulsating lights. The boombox. The antithesis to the iPod. The nightmare to the downstairs neighbor. The portable generator of music memories. The boombox. It took the music from the hands of the radio DJ and put it in the hands of the masses. Took the music from the living room record player to the streets, beach, basketball court, and BBQ. Let the boombox live on!


Instructions: The four buttons at the bottom of the canvas each trigger a different song. Hold down a button until a song starts and then release. Press and hold the same button to stop. Repeat for all four buttons.



-Orange: Paper Planes–MIA

-Red: Resurrection (Paper, Paper)–Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

-Green: Paperback Writer–The Beatles

-Blue: Paper Thin Walls–Modest Mouse

DSC_2130 copy