Joy Yang


Bernie, 2016

Regardless of how you feel about him, regardless of the outcome of the primaries or this election as a whole, Bernie Sanders has been revolutionary in demonstrating the power of technology to democratize the financing of a campaign. Up until now, candidates don’t stand a chance unless they are backed by substantial financial contributions from powerful corporations – those that represent the top 1%. Is this, then, really still a democracy? We have, for too long, treated this as an unfortunate reality we must accept. But Senator Sanders has shown that in the modern age of communication, where a kickstarter to pay for a man’s first attempt at making a potato salad was able to raise $55,000, there’s no excuse for leaving our democracy on the back burner.

I hope this piece captures some of the bizarre, anxious energy from this election season. After all, light is a great symbol for hope, excitement, technology, and uphill struggles late into the night.

Instructions: Shout at Bernie. Personally, I’d recommend “feel the Bern” but please feel free to choose your words according to how you feel about him.