Rahul Bhargava, Emily Bhargava


Reflections, 2016

Both foiled stained glass and circuitry depend on the unique properties of copper, one to allow glass to be connected to glass in versatile ways and one to carry an electrical signal. The current use of copper tape as circuitry reflects the more traditional uses of copper foil as a craft material. In this piece glass alone creates a kaleidoscopic image, but with the introduction of LEDs the image takes a modern twist. The physical kaleidoscope provides further ancient and modern complexity, using traditional mirrors to create an infinite set of reflections of the stained glass’s shapes, and using a light sensor to add further color to the image. Reflection upon reflection.

Instructions for the viewer:

Take the kaleidoscope down from its magnetic mount on the side of the frame. Look through the black end to explore the image. Watch as some of the lights darken and brighten as you bring the viewfinder to your eye.